Specialist Lectures

Extra knowledge and important contacts

Blended learning consists of the building blocks of transcripts, lectures and specialist presentations. The latter take place at regular intervals and always include a special topic from the field of sports management. However, since many of our students are now active abroad, specialist lectures are not compulsory and are not included in the final examination. Therefore, the lecture is open to all other interested parties, no matter whether they are already active in the sports industry or just about to get started.

The events are a good opportunity to gain a bit of extra knowledge and at the same time maintain your network. It’s a chance to meet old friends and make new contacts.


Soon it will be time again

The planning for our next event is currently in full swing and we are looking forward to providing you with all the important information about the upcoming lecture here soon. Just check back from time to time or follow us on Instagram.

Until then, you can already get an impression of our last events. Just scroll down once.

Here’s what’s happened already

In recent years there have been some exciting presentations, for example at Adidas or in the Allianz Arena. Here’s a brief overview.

The power of numbers: data driven insights in football

Ismail Tari

How is the sports industry developing, what are the current trends and challenges? As a long-time adidas manager and current Managing Director of kienbaum sports, Michael Kresser knows what makes the sports business tick. He also explained to the students how best to find their dream job in sports management.

The power of numbers: data driven insights in football

Ismail Tari

xGoals, packing rate and passing statistics - data is certainly not everything in football, but it is an enormously important part. Ismail Tari used exciting real-world examples to illustrate the questions that sports directors need to ask themselves and how to put together the optimal squad.

Mindful through the professional career - online lecture

Stefan Schaidnagel

Stefan Schaidnagel shared his knowledge and experience in leadership in sports organisations with our participants and enriched the lecture with many vivid practical examples.

Mindful through the professional career - online lecture

Jan Rosenthal

Professional athletes experience many ups and downs during their careers. Jan Rosenthal was a former professional himself and has shared his experiences as well as his scientific knowledge with our students to show them how best to deal with them.

Sponsorship in amateur football - online lecture

Dr. Alexander Dworak & RA Felix Steinbach

Sponsorship is of great importance not only for professional clubs but also in amateur sport. Our two experts looked at the topic from both a marketing and a law perspective and gave important tips to those responsible in the clubs.

Cognitive performance diagnostics in sports psychology

Sylvia Rittmann

Sports psychology is becoming increasingly important in football, and it is impossible to imagine both the junior and licensing sectors without it. Sylvia Rittmann provided insights into the current status quo of research and pointed out ways in which cognitive abilities can be better trained.

‘Young talent centres’ (NLZ): Opportunity and responsibility at the same time

Manfred Paula

Manfred Paula, who has gained a lot of experience at different organisations, talked about everyday life at ’young talent centres’ (NLZs). In addition to the many positive possibilities for young players, he emphasised the major responsibility that the NLZs have to produce not only good footballers, but also good personalities.

The battle for the superstars

Günter „Jimmy“ Weigl

How do sports equipment suppliers secure the top stars in the sports industry, and how is the brand value of a player calculated? The Senior Vice President of Global Sports Marketing at Adidas answered these and other questions and gave us a glimpse behind the scenes of the world-famous brand.

Professional football today

Reiner Geyer

It is also important for every sports manager to know about current developments in the sports sector and which future trends are already becoming apparent. Reiner Geyer has been a trainer in professional football for over 25 years and knows all about it.

Sports agents and professional career

Panel discussion with Marvin Matip and Malte Metzelder, among others

Sports agents are always the subject of controversial discussions in the industry – and this evening was no exception. There was an exciting exchange of opinions and the audience was also very much involved in the discussion

Workshop Leadership Excellence

Matthias Malessa

Leadership cannot be learned only theoretically – it must be experienced practically. True to this motto, in our workshop, Matthias Malessa first discussed the most important points before implementing them directly in group work.

Sports meets Management

Industry meeting with Klaus Filbry and others

‘What is my plan for my career after my athletic career has ended?’ This question was the focus of the event. Various representatives from the sports industry, such as ESM-ACADEMY graduate Tim Borowski, discussed this topic and offered exciting insights.

To get a closer look at our events, check out the video of our event on Adidas, ‘The Battle for the Superstars’.