Diploma and Certificate

How to complete your degree

After each semester, we hold an examination date on which all students can take their final examination. However, we know that life can get in the way with things like moving house, match days or changing clubs, which is why we’re also happy to arrange an individual examination date for you. Many of our students write their exams on their own schedule – even at weekends or on public holidays.


You’ll write one term paper over the course of the two semesters. The good thing about it is that you get to choose your own topic. Whether it’s sponsoring, social media or working at a ‘young talent centre’ – you can discover more about what interests you most in sports management here. The paper should be 12-15 pages long and explore your chosen topic from an academic point of view. Ideally, we will find a topic together that will not only help you with your studies, but also with your future career.

On exam day, you will have to present your thesis in a PowerPoint presentation. Here, you should briefly explain the results of your work; afterwards, you will be asked a few more questions.


There is only one final examination in our sports management course - which means that you only have to come to our study office in Nuremberg once. If you have problems to come to Nuremberg, it is like always at our academy: we will find a solution. The examination takes three hours in total and consists of about 75 questions on the individual modules, both multiple choice and open.

If you pass both parts of the examination with at least grade 4, you have successfully completed your studies. You can also repeat each examination, should the first attempt fail.

Here’s what you get in return

Homework, colloquium and final examination are done – then all that’s missing is the certificate.

After our programme is over, you will receive a state-approved university certificate, which is evaluated with a total of 18 ECTS points. You can have these points credited if you would like to complete a bachelor's degree after our programme. This is possible, for example, at our partner university, the Allensbach University of Applied Sciences Constance (Allensbach University Konstanz). Here, too, there are no compulsory attendance dates, and you can follow the lectures online.

If you have the appropriate qualifications, you can of course continue your studies at any other university.

Certificate handover

Constraints allow, we will be happy to deliver the certificate to you personally.

Now’s the time when you can be really proud of yourself, looking back on a year in which you accomplished a great deal. You’ve done well on both your term paper and your exams, thus laying the foundation for your future career.

Levin Öztunaki bei der Zertifikatsübergabe