The degree programme
at a glance

We make it possible for you to fully focus on your active sports career while working on a back-up plan at the same time. Our state-approved university certificate in sports management prepares you optimally for your upcoming responsibilities in the sports business in just one year.

Sven Ulreich beim lernen

Blended Learning

To ensure that what we learn stays in our heads, our programme is designed around the blended learning method.

  • studium-skript


    You will receive the PDF files of all lecture slides so that you can make notes directly in the documents from anywhere - whether on the bus, in the hotel or at home on the couch.

  • studium-videos


    The lectures are divided into thematic blocks of between 20 and 75 minutes in length. They are all available on-demand so that you can learn perfectly at your own pace.

  • studium-online

    Live online

    At the end of each module there is a 45-minute live session in which you can ask all your questions to the lecturer. In addition, a case study is discussed to further emphasize the practical relevance.

  • studium-vortrag

    Optional specialist lecture

    At regular intervals, we organise specialist lectures that may not be relevant to the exam, but are a chance for you to gain some additional practical experience. You can also make your first contacts in the sports industry here.

Flexibility and personality


Training sessions every day, media appointments during the week - and at the weekend, you're off to the game. If you already have a lot of stress in your everyday life, you don't need more of it in your studies. That's why flexibility and personality are our top priorities.

Whether it's the on-demand lectures, which can be viewed at any time, the free extension of your studies or the freely selectable examination date - our programme of study adapts perfectly to your life path. Our Directors of Studies is always at your disposal. If you have any questions regarding your studies, please feel free to contact us - even at weekends and outside our official business hours.

With us, you are not just one matriculation number among many, but a unique personality on your way to becoming a sports manager.

Study from anywhere in the world


Playing soccer in England, Italy or even Australia and studying in Germany at the same time - that's no problem with us. Thanks to online lectures, you can study from anywhere in the world without any problems. All standard lectures are on-demand and the live session is recorded. Therefore, even the time difference is no obstacle.

PDF scripts that can easily be taken anywhere, the attendance dates are all optional and you can even postpone the exam date if necessary - so there's nothing standing in the way of your studies. Students from more than 25 different countries are already studying with us; we would be very happy if you chose to join them!

If you prefer to study in German language, you can do so as well. The structure and the contents of the degree are quite similiar.