On this page, you will find the most frequently asked questions that always reach us via WhatsApp or Instagram before the start of the new semester of our sports management studies. If you still have any questions, we are always available for you personally.

The courses are designed in such a way that you can easily study alongside your work or your professional sports life. The on-demand lectures will be uploaded step by step so you can easily learn in your own pace. If things get too stressful, simply put your studies to one side for a few weeks and then start again with renewed energy. There are also plenty of times when no new lectures are uploaded. You can then write your term paper, for example. 

To study sports management, you must have at least a secondary school-leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife) or have completed vocational training. In individual cases, we can also admit students with a qualified secondary school-leaving certificate (qualifizierter Hauptschulabschluss) to the course. Just talk to us!

For your application documents, we’ll need proof of your schooling or vocational training (i.e. your diploma or certificate), your curriculum vitae, a passport photo, a copy of your passport/ID card and the completed and signed application form.

If you do not have time on our exam date, this is not a problem. We will work out an individual solution for you and select your new personal examination date together.

Over the course of the two semesters, there are lots of individual topic-oriented lectures in the 14 modules. The total time amount for all lectures is round about 90 hours. In addition, you have to write a term paper on a chosen sports management topic. So if you stay on the ball and work on your studies every week, you will need about 6 hours per week. Of course, this amount of time also depends on what kind of learner you are.

After only two semesters or 12 months of regular study time, you’ll already hold your certificate in your hands and will be allowed to call yourself a International Sports Manager.

Our certificate is certified by a state-approved university, the Allensbach University in Constance. Of course, you will also receive ECTS points, which you can have credited to a further bachelor's degree course at our partner university. How many points can be credited to you depends on the module structure of the undergraduate degree programme and on the university you have chosen.

Our flexible sports management course is available in two variants. For the Classic course of study, you pay €899 net per month (a total of €10,788 plus VAT). If you would like to have a mentor at your side who coaches you through your studies, then our Premium Programme is right for you. The costs per month are €1,995 (€23,940 plus VAT).

Of course, we can also provide you with an individual payment plan. Just contact us!

The personal mentor is your individual coach – someone who accompanies you throughout your studies, helps you with questions and with narrowing down the exam material, and assists you in writing your term paper. He or she will show you learning strategies, keep an eye on your schedule and also be available to answer questions about your future career.

In our sports management programme, you will cover the most important content from the areas of sports management, sports marketing, sports law and sports psychology for a career in the sports industry.

You have one chance to repeat the written exam as well as the term paper. The passing score for both exams is a 4 (in the German grading system).

All of our standard lectures can't be missed, because they are on-demand and will be uploaded step by step. In each module there will be one live session, where you can ask all of your questions. If you can not make it here live, you don't have to worry. Just send in your questions in advance, the lecturer will answer them and the recorded lecture can be downloaded from our online campus.