Tuition fees

The cost of our studies

The tuition fees for our sports management course already include all costs for registration, printed transcripts and their delivery, lectures, reading, use of the online campus, exams and events. It is therefore an all-inclusive package with no further hidden costs within the standard study period of 12 months.

In addition to the aspects already mentioned, the Premium course of studies also includes a personal mentor. This mentor accompanies you throughout the year, supports you in writing your term paper, helps you with your exam preparation and is always available to give you advice and support.

Our courses of studies

All registrations for our start in July 2022 will receive an additional 25% Early Bird discount when registering until 30th of April. So rather be quick and secure your information today.



  • Tuition fees in total
  • Quarterly Rate
  • Monthly Rate

Classic course of studies

Price (plus VAT)

  • Tuition fees in total €9.588
  • Quarterly Rate €2.397
  • Monthly Rate €799

Premium course of studies

Price (plus VAT)

  • Tuition fees in total €21.540
  • Quarterly Rate €5.385
  • Monthly Rate €1.795

Study and save taxes

Experience has shown that you can claim the tuition fees for the ESM-ACADEMY as special expenses to reduce your taxes. The tax saving can amount to 25% or more in individual cases – depending on tax progression and tax class!

It is best to ask your tax advisor about this; they can explain it to you in detail.


If something comes up

Maybe you’re moving house or changing sports clubs, or maybe you’ve been injured during a game – sometimes circumstances change very quickly. So if you don't make it through your studies in 12 months, that's no problem either.

You can extend your studies by 6 months free of charge and take your final exam at another time.