Here’s how the course is certified

You're probably going to university for two reasons. You want to learn something that you will need in your future profession – and you want a degree that is recognised for your dream job. With us, you get both.

Our studies are certified by the Allensbach University of Applied Sciences Constance and are therefore state-approved. This is also reflected in the fact that the course of study is assessed with 18 ECTS points. You can have these points credited if you would like to complete a further bachelor's degree after our studies. The exact number of points to be recognised depends on the exact module structure of the bachelor’s degree programme.

Zertifikat Sportmanagement
Unsere Partner-Universität ist die Allensbach University in Konstanz.

Here’s how to take it further

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees are also available from our partner university, the Allensbach University of Applied Sciences Constance. There, you will receive the full 18 ECTS points. The course of study is structured in a similar way to our own. It includes online lectures, which you can watch either live or recorded, examination centres throughout Germany and a free study extension if something comes up. We also offer personal mentoring. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.